Replace the title in WordPress – WP Rewords

A few weeks ago a close friend of mine told me that he needed a way to replace the title text on his WordPress to better reflect his multiple campaigns.
We decided to come up with a small plugin to do just that. Replace the title in Wordpress pages and posts to support multiple channels and campaigns.

A short hackathon and a few weeks later, i’m happy to share the plugin with you. Its available for download on the repository or by searching “WP Rewords” in the search plugins page on the admin panel.

We are working on adding more functionality to the plugin so if you have any requests just email me and we will try to add it to future versions.

How to use the plugin

The best way to use the plugin is to use the Google URL Builder tool to create the different campaign links and then setting them up in the plugin.

To create campaigns, go edit the page or post and look for the WP Rewords section. Click the “Add” campaign button and:

  1.  Name  – The name of your campaign

  2. Title – The title to display

  3. URL – This is the url from the Google URL Builder tool. You can paste in the full link or just the campaign parameters.

Save the campaign and test it by opening the custom link.




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