WP Google Analytics Events – My new WordPress plugin

I’m happy to announce my new WordPress plugin, WP Google Analytics Events.

Most of the current plugins will allow you to track page navigation events. If you need to track events on the same page, you will have to manually edit the page or theme. WP Google Analytics Events allows you to track events such as video clicks and scrolling to a certain point on the page.
The plugin can been very useful with tracking visitors and understanding how they move through your sales funnel. In this scenario, you can see if a user scrolled to your pricing table or clicked on your product tour video. The information may help you A/B test new features without rewriting code.

To use the plugin, install it from the wordpress.org directory and go to the settings page.
In the settings page:

  • Add your google analytics tracking id
  • Create Scroll events by specifying the target element’s id or class
  • Create Click events by specifying the target element’s id or class
  • Classify each event by category, action and label

Administration Page

To test it, open up the Google Analytics real time menu and select “Events”.
Now, refresh your website and start clicking and scrolling on the elements that you configured previously.

This is how it looks with Google Analytics Real Time tracking

Google Analytics Real Time Event Tracking

Google Analytics Real Time Event Tracking

Link to the plugin page:
You can also check out the Pro version at:

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