Focusing on one metric – an experiment

In regards to marketing, I have this tendency to be all over the place. One day I will focus on twitter ads, the next I will dabble in content marketing and after a few days give up. That is really not productive: Its harder to specialize in a marketing strategy Figuring what actually works is […]

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New plugin features for WP Google Analytics Events Pro

So this is going to be a big update to the WP Google Analytics Events Pro plugin. We added YouTube tracking! You can now see how users are interacting with your embedded videos. Because YouTube videos are embedded by adding an IFrame, adding tracking and other javascript interactions has been impossible. By using the IFrame […]

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WP Rewords Logo

Replace the title in WordPress – WP Rewords

A few weeks ago a close friend of mine told me that he needed a way to replace the title text on his WordPress to better reflect his multiple campaigns. We decided to come up with a small plugin to do just that. Replace the title in Wordpress pages and posts to support multiple channels and […]

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What you should learn from the Code Spaces incident

If you haven’t read about the Code Spaces incident, you may want to learn from their harsh story. Its a sad story that could happen to your company if not careful enough. Please take the time to read, or at least skim through their website’s front page story: http://www.codespaces.com/ I saved a copy in PDF Format, […]

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Time to patch OpenSSL – Major vulnerability

A pretty big vulnerability in the OpenSSL package has been published yesterday. The official advisory is CVE-2014-0160 but you can read more about it at Heartbleed.com. An exploitation of this bug could lead to exposing your SSL private keys so yeah, you should be patching right away. If you are running a web server such […]

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Troubleshooting Slow Loading Pages in PHP-FPM

Troubleshooting Slow Loading Pages in PHP-FPM

A very useful tool that you can use when troubleshooting slow loading pages in php-fpm is the slow log. I recently had to troubleshoot a web application that became unresponsive. The server was running a PHP application, under PHP-FPM, Nginx and Varnish. That was a lot of configuration files to go over and the the […]

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Postfix Queue on a Ram Drive

Postfix Queue on a Ram Drive – Screencast

Placing the Postfix queue on a ram drive could boost your MTA’s performance quite a bit. The queue behaviour takes up a lot of system IO, which affects your email throughput. There are some big disadvantages of using a ram drive for the queue. So please read before setting this up. It may not be […]

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WP Google Analytics Events Pro

WP Google Analytics Events Pro 1.20 is out

I’m very excited to tell you about the new version for the WP Google Analytics Events Pro plugin. WP Google Analytics Events Pro is a premium plugin that allows you to add Google Analytics event monitoring to a WordPress installation. The plugin allows you to create two types of events: Click and Scroll. A click […]

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Postfix Multi Instance Configuration

Configure Postfix Multi Instance to send through multiple IP addresses A Postfix multi instance configuration can be very powerful when you need to scale up your outgoing email volume. Once you get your postfix server running for a while, you may see that the bottleneck is not the hardware but the rate in which you […]

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