WP Google Analytics Events 500 Users Discount Code

Im happy to say that WP Google Analytics Events reached 500 downloads. To celebrate this milestone, I created a 15% discount promo code for the premium version of the plugin, WP Google Analytics Events Pro. It will be up for the next 24 hours so hurry up. Code: “Happy500” WP Google Analytics Events Pro Spread […]

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Postfix Performance Tuning – Reducing DNS latency

Making small changes to how we resolve domain names can make improve the Postfix performance and will allow you to squeeze a little more juice out of your hosts. Removing IPv6 Queries By default a postfix server works both with IPv6 and IPv4. This means that if a domain name, lets say gmail, resolves to […]

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Postfix rate limiting – Politeness goes a long way

When sending large amounts of bulk emails, it may be necessary to enforce rate limiting to prevent the ISP’s from blocking your servers. Reputation In the world of high volume senders, a key metric for detecting spammers is the IP addresses’s reputation. Building a good reputation for your servers takes time and hence patience but […]

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Dont Send Your Own Emails

Well, at least not directly from your own application servers. Most web applications send out emails, either for registration confirmation or other transactional proposes. This usually involves writing up a small handler that sends out the email directly from the local server, that is running Postfix, Sendmail or *shrug* IIS . If you are administrating […]

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Low disk space ec2

Quick fix – Increase the size of your EC2 volume

A common issue I get to deal with is of clients outgrowing their AWS micro instance. In most cases  the server that holds the database and also serves the application. As time goes by, the hard drive starts to fill up with data and log files, at which point, the application might stop responding and the company requires a […]

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Did I remember to shut down my EC2 instance?

A small trick that will save you money I have to admit that I tend to forget my EC2 instances running. Thats just a waste of money that a simple automation can solve. Sometimes I launch a new instance to check a feature, work on it for a few hours and then forget its there. […]

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