Welcome to steam.io

In the steam.io blog you will find a consistent stream of postings related to:

  • Large-scale Cloud and Web technology system architectures
  • High-volume Internet and communication transactions
  • Website and network security challenges
  • Website monitoring issues and solutions

The steam.ioservice mission:

Bring a broad base of web, architecture, security, and monitoring expertise into focus through a single point of consulting services contact.


To relate my personal background:

My business and technology experience comes for web and security consulting with some of the largest corporate and financial institutions in Israel. I now lead steam.io—a private technology consulting practice. My business clients include large corporations, leading start-ups, and high-growth enterprises around the world.


My clients share a common business attribute:

The efficiency, effectiveness, and security of their Internet systems are of paramount importance. If your firm is facing web architecture, communication, security, or monitoring challenges—this blog will bring you innovative information and precise discussion.



Where is steam.iogoing?


The expansion of my technology consulting work is focused on international clients—particularly those in complex start-up or high-growth scenarios. These firms have the same web, security, and monitoring challenges of larger companies and want top-caliber knowledge applied to their specific problems.


I have geared my consulting services to provide pin-point expertise to smaller firms that must achieve excellence in their computing and web architectures. My services extend beyond consulting and advice—I implement solutions that address complex and large-scale architecture challenges.


I view this blog as a part of my contribution to both this industry and my clients. Discussion threads are encouraged. Please feel free to make suggestions for topics and articles you would like discussed.

Examples of steam.ioconsulting projects


High-Volume Email Delivery Service— Architecture Consulting

My services were retained to provide consulting and development support for a million+ volume email service. This project was full life-cycle and included installation, deployment, automation, security, and monitoring.


Mobile Application Web-Platform Optimization—eMarket-Reach Consulting

My client brought me in to review an existing server and application processing architecture (as they prepared their business for ramp-up into large-scale cloud transactions). My services included design consultation as well as cost-management consulting (for architecture with planned scaling to service millions of users and transactions per day).


Start-up Company Infrastructure Review and Development—Security Consulting

I was retained by a well-known start-up to review their web architecture and security infrastructure. Based on my findings, I was asked to develop a work plan outlining the recommended changes. Following this, I was retained to implement these improvements and train their personnel for on-going operational duties.



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