Focusing on one metric – an experiment

In regards to marketing, I have this tendency to be all over the place. One day I will focus on twitter ads, the next I will dabble in content marketing and after a few days give up. That is really not productive:

  • Its harder to specialize in a marketing strategy
  • Figuring what actually works is impossible
  • Expensive – Time and money wasted
  • Less revenue in the long term

So for the first time I’m going to give focus a chance.

Focusing on one metric

The first strategy that I’ll focus on, is list building. Email marketing is right down my ally, and in technical terms, I know my way around.
It’s also a good fit for two different projects that I’m working on, so getting this right will have great benefits.

Goals and Metric

The main metric I will follow will be number of subscribers. Once I have a good grasp on that, I’ll move on to optimizing open rates, retention and conversions.
So my initial goal is to get 100 subscribers on each list. That does not include current customers that receive product updates.

That will be my whole focus for the next three months. Here are some of the tactics that I’m hoping will help me on the way to 100 subscribers

  • Accountability – Well, this is what you are reading at the moment. I will keep my stats updated somehow along the way.
  • Practice some active reading – I plan on taking a few articles and resources and actually implement what they are saying. Brennan Dunn’s latest podcast episode about applying the info we consume gave me a lot of motivation.
  • Creating Drip campaigns with great content

What I’ve done so far

Earlier this month I created a drip campaign with a free 5 day course. I’m not getting enough traffic for it but I have ways to increase it.
I also tried running a quick Twitter lead generation campaign but the conversion rate was pretty horrible.
It will take a lot of copy work on the signup forms. Once I get the copy right, I will start embedding the form in a free version of my product.

Stay tuned to see if by focusing on one metric actually works for me

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